Wild One

Hey, it’s me, Samantha.

If Faith Hill’s top hit from the early 90’s is running through your head…you might already know more about me than you think. I’m a strong-willed, self-sufficient woman, I’m gonna do it my way and I’ll figure it all out on my own, all in the name of independence…or so I thought.

After living life for many years under the false sense of freedom and thinking I had it all together, I took a couple of hard falls and received a heavy dose of truth and humility. I have come to know a different way of living and I have found true freedom through the grace of God.

It’s been a messy ride and there have been many detours along the way. The changes were not instantaneous, in fact, things got worse before they got better. However, I was in enough pain to keep moving forward. Today I am on a different trajectory because of the work God has done in my life. While he was changing me one degree at a time, I fell in love with the process of becoming the women God created.

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