I’m Not That Mom

This is something I wrote several years ago for my daughter. July is her birthday month and this is the first year we are spending it hundreds of miles apart. As she continues to navigate her journey into adulthood, I continue mine as being a mother of an adult. I love her more than ever and I will never (as I’m sure most can agree) be able to fully put it into words. While I wish I had done many things different, I did the best I knew how. I love you daughter, forever and always.

I’ve never claimed to be Paula Deen or Betty Crocker, my idea of a home cooked meal is Stouffer’s Lasagna . . . I’m not that mom. 

I’ve never been the classroom mom, I don’t sign up to chaperone school dances or field trips. (I tried it once, it was a zoo, literally.)

I won’t attend every game, meet, concert, or banquet. I don’t even make it to all the Parent-Teacher conferences . . . I’m just not that mom. 

I’ve never sewn a costume, my holiday decor is non-existent, and even the tooth fairy is usually a day late.  

I don’t throw fancy birthday parties, end-the-year  bashes or summer extravaganzas. . I’m really not that mom. 

I won’t make you the center of my world, you are not the only one, this is a burden I do not believe belongs to you. . . I’m not that mom. 

For all the things that I am not, I am the mom that will love you the best that I know how.

I will sit at the table while we eat our microwaved dinner—no phones, no tv, just you and me. I am that mom. 

I will encourage you to pursue your passions in sports and music, just make sure to keep the grades up. (I’m even on the board of the Cross Country Booster.) 

I will let you stay up late at night to finish the homework that is due tomorrow, and I’ll remind you that I suggested you start it weeks ago. I am that mom. 

I will MacGyver a fix for your dress, your hairstyle is up to you, and I will even paint your room to your taste. 

I have embarrassing talks, insist on meeting your friends, and have dance parties in the car. I am soooo that mom. 

I will make God the center of my world, He is my Number One. I pray you will also put him first in your life. I am that mom. 

For all the ways that I am, He will love you even more perfectly than I know how.

I’ll love you forever,

I’ll like you for always,

As long as I’m living,

my baby you’ll be.

Robert Munsch, Love You Forever

4 thoughts on “I’m Not That Mom

  1. We all “mom” differently, and God matched us with our kids in His perfect design so we can give and take, adopt or decline, the characteristics we choose from each of our relationships. This makes us perfectly perfect in His image! ❤😘

    I am the mom you described that you are not, and quite frankly, it was /is a bit smothering at times. But, there is no doubt in my children’s minds that they are loved and I did my best. ❤ Perfectly perfect in His image…we all are! 😁🙌


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