The Beginning

Well, I have been wanting to write a blog for quite sometime, however, I have let fear and distractions keep me from pursuing it. Today, I hit the wall. “Nothing changes, if nothing changes,” as they say. I’ve let excuses keep me from doing this for far too long, so today, I am learning to publish a blog at the same time as I am writing.

I actually bought the domain about 6 weeks ago and kept telling myself I would learn how to set it up and THEN I would post….well, that’s got me a whole lot of nowhere. So if you are reading this early on, beware, we might be walking through a mess together.

Originally, I wanted to title the blog “Random Running Thoughts” as a play on words for the thoughts that were running through my mind…which happened most often when I was out running. Well, it’s been years since I’ve been an avid runner (which tells you how long this idea has actually been in my head) and as God does, he works even when I’m not.

While life has changed dramatically, I still have the urge to share these random thoughts, however there was a slight change in the title, as I have a little more clarity on the reason I feel so deeply that I want to share. My life was changed because of the work God has done in and through my life; I went from a girl that was striving to prove who she was to the world to a woman who is content in being the work in progress to become the woman God called her and live in true freedom.

With that being said, I have no timeline or deadlines set on how often I will post… that would kinda kill the whole “random” thing, now wouldn’t it? However, my personal prayer for this year is for the courage to step boldly and immediately into obedience. Well, it’s 6 months in 2021 and here were are…not so immediate, but it is definitely a bold step for me. I also have a few posts already in the works and I am praying that as I am obedient, God will bless me with more words to share.

“Courage is fear that said it’s prayers.”

Dorthy Bernard

4 thoughts on “The Beginning

  1. Yay! You did it!
    I find your musings honest and heartfelt…refreshing even. Please continue to share!
    Personal journeys are fascinating. The search for “what’s next” never goes away…whether it’s the search of 20-somethings trying to figure out how to raise their child and make a living, or that search of a single senior (like me!) that’s also made this little town home.
    Write on!


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