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A New Freedom

During April (National Poetry Month) my local library was giving out envelopes of random words and the object was to arrange the words to create a poem. While poetry is not something I generally practice, this was a fun exercise and one in which I unexpectedly got to speak my truth. When I poured theContinue reading “A New Freedom”

I’m Not That Mom

This is something I wrote several years ago for my daughter. July is her birthday month and this is the first year we are spending it hundreds of miles apart. As she continues to navigate her journey into adulthood, I continue mine as being a mother of an adult. I love her more than everContinue reading “I’m Not That Mom”

Lessons Along the Way

When I uprooted myself for a 750 mile move from a busy suburb of OKC to a small Colorado town I had never heard of before, I was definitely expecting adventure. However, I hadn’t really counted on learning so many life lessons, especially in the first 90 days. Here’s a quick snip-it, in no particularContinue reading “Lessons Along the Way”

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